SFG – safeguards application for managing the SSAC

The SFG – Safeguards application for managing the SSAC serves for the evidence of nuclear material under the safeguards agreement and for the evidence selected items and dual use items under the Additional Protocol. The program covers issues from the acquisition of input data to the final reporting to Euratom. It also allows to perform a series of printed outputs and includes a query tool within the data.

The application was created in early 1990-ies and several times updated, has been effectively used by SRA for managing the NMAC and reporting functions, as well as for utilising its capability in support to overall safeguards implementation (with regard to all IAEA, Euratom and national obligations).

The program is certified by the Euratom and IAEA.

The program was developed for the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic and is used by the Office for Nuclear Supervision of the Slovak Republic.