BIOS – Služby výpočetní techniky, s.r.o.

was founded in 1992 as purely Czech company and is still today

From the beginning, we focuse on the development of custom-made information systems, according to the customer’s specific needs. During development of customer information systems, we offer comprehensive services from initial studies and consulting, through analytical and program works to ensure product installation, operator training and technical support for routine operation.

Already in 1994, we established close cooperation with ORACLE Czech, s.r.o. and became a partner for solving large-scale database projects for the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).

We are partner with Oracle until today, which allows us to use technology and information support from Oracle to satisfy the growing needs of our customers. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we are able to offer solutions especially using the latest technology of Oracle in the field of the relational database management systems and tools to access these databases from the Internet / Intranet